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Why put a car stereo system on a custom houseboat? Would you put a car amp and sub in your house? Of course not! Then why would you put one on your houseboat? Let us install the most advanced audio and video systems tailor made for the home in your houseboat. New houseboats use AC power instead of the old, battery-draining DC voltage, giving you more convenience and control of your audio and video throughout your houseboat. We install your systems in front deck, back deck, all cuddies, fly bridge, party tops, kitchens, hallways, bathrooms… anywhere you want! And best of all, you have complete control over your systems from one main system, controllable from any location you wish!

Want the best stereo available for your ride? We're the only stop you'll need to make. We have all major brands, and carry all warranties. We can rock your world in audio and video for your automobile as well as your home and boat. Stop by and let our professionals show you our wide selection and let us help you find exactly what's right for you.

With the advancement of HDTV, Page Electronics can keep you up on this new and exciting technology. With Plasma, LCD, DLP-Video components, we offer only the best for your home or boat.

From the starting build of a new boat to a houseboat built in the 1970’s, we have the technology to create a personalized and professional system just for you. We will assist you from the start of your new houseboat’s design layout all the way through the finishing touches. As well, we can update your existing boat from older systems (such as 8-track cassettes!) to a multi-room and multi-level audio and video system. Page Electronics was the first to introduce real party tops, which have taken the industry by storm, powered subs in the bars with exterior volume controls and canopy top speakers with infrared eyes in the wet bar to control your system from the top deck. As well, we introduced MTX speakers in the ceiling and exterior to the boat market in 1993.

In 1999, Page Electronics attracted the interest of KVH Industries. Over the period of a five year relationship with KVH, we are now the number one supplier for KVH satellite systems in Kentucky and Tennessee. We have installed more tracking satellite systems on more boats than anyone in the houseboat market. We offer a full service for KVH—not only sales, but also service, repair, and we are also a warranty center for KVH systems.

Like to surf the Internet? How about this: Surf the web while watching hi definition television right on the comfort of your home or houseboat, and all on the same large screen plasma television video system! We can make it happen! We are a fully qualified satellite Internet dealer and installation center. This is just one more way that we are dedicated to serving you, our customer, with the highest level of quality and only the best products available today. From recessed surround sound speakers and large screen plasma televisions to audio systems that will rock the entire lake, you can count on Page Electronics to be on the cutting edge of the audio and video industry.

In need of a cellular telephone? Yes, we do that! Working with the BlueGrass Network, Page Electronics offers a very wide range of cellular service to our customers with plans that cover nationwide long distance at no charge, unlimited calling plans, and your local coverage area is the entire states of Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Originate your calls from any location within these three states and your call is free!

Where else can you find all that?

How about some samples of our work? Click below to see pages and pages of our installations-in-progress, even on in-design houses and boats! YES, we even do that!

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